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Skin Repair Kit

Skin Repair Kit

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Regenerate your skin with the HEDEN Skin Repair Kit, a complete treatment to keep your skin fresh, toned and glowing .

The kit includes:
Hali Toning Body Cream : enriched with hop extract, macadamia oil and other nourishing ingredients, this toning cream improves the elasticity of the body's skin, leaving it soft and toned from the first applications.

Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse : a delicate cleansing mousse enriched with an anti-aging detox complex and natural extracts such as pomegranate, melon and bearberry. Cleanses the skin deeply, leaving it bright and fresh.

Antioxidant Microgranules Face Scrub : delicately exfoliates the facial skin with plant granules and Sicilian prickly pear and avocado extracts. Enriched with organic argan oil, this scrub eliminates dead cells, leaving skin radiant and revitalized.

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